Kent State University’s Fashion School and Design Innovation Initiative Presents:


·     Nomination deadline ends October 15th, 2019 

·     Offer letters sent out by November 1st, 2019

·     Registration deadline ends December 15th, 2019

·     Hackathon begins – March 21st, 2020

·     Hackathon closing event March 25th, 2020

Kent State Fashion Schooland The Design Innovation Initiativeinvites faculty from IFFTI member schools to nominate one student each to participate in the IFFTI 2020 Fashion + Justice Hackathon on the Kent State Campus in Kent Ohio.  Our hackathon will focus on pitching, building prototypes and presenting a solution that attempts to answer a social justice question.  

Teams may explore, but are not limited to, solving the following questions:

How can the concept of fashion – 

·     Influence free speech?

·     Understand freedom?

·     Promote liberty?

·     Be inclusive?

·     Understand culture?

·     Save Energy?

·     Repair the planet?

·     Positively influence immigration?

·     Decrease poverty?

·     Increase health and wellness?


All disciplines are welcome to submit a nominee.  Final nominations of selected students must be submitted by your institution’s “Authorized IFFTI Representative” by October 15th, 2019 via the IFFTI 2020 conference website (


Teams will be formed at the event and student participation is encouraged from diverse academic backgrounds and disciplines (i.e. technology, graphic design, fashion design, merchandising, communication, engineering, social sciences as well as artists, writers and more).


Participants will receive

·     Four night’s accommodation

·     Daily transportation

·     Four days of meals

·     Workshops on team collaboration and challenged based innovation


Participants will need to provide

·     Travel and transportation costs to and from Kent Ohio

·     Accommodations prior to March 21stand after March 25th

·     Any and all visa requirements and corresponding legal expenses 

·     If interested, registration fees (at reduced student rate) for IFFTI conference activities after March 25thwill be available



·     Saturday, 3/21, check in to accommodations by noon, ice breaker activities, meet team members

·     Sunday, 3/22, workshops in Design Innovation, teams determine theme for their hack.

·     Monday, 3/23, working in teams

·     Tuesday, 3/24, working in teams, Hackathon ends

·     Wednesday, 3/25, Teams showcase their prototypes as part of the IFFTI conference, checkout of hotel

·     Thursday to Friday 3/26 to 3/27, students invited to attend final two days of IFFTI conference at their own expense


The goals of the Fashion + Social Justice Hackathon are to increase awareness of the ways that the concept of fashion can improve social justice issues.  


What is a hackathon?

Hacking is creative problem solving.

  • A hackathon is any event of any duration where people come together to solve problems. Most have a parallel track for workshops.

  • Participants typically form groups of about 2-5 individuals, take out their laptops (if the event is technology themed), and dive into problems.

  • Participants “think with their hands,” creating prototypes or visualizations. 


 Goals of a Hackathon

·     Strengthen the community that the hackathon is for

·     Augment student learning

·     Foster interdisciplinary collaboration

·     Improve community and industry partnerships

·     Provide an opportunity for participants to learn something new

·     Provide a space and a time for participants to make headway on problems they are interested in

Hackathons can be viewed as an introduction to a life long journey to solve problems or as a training session to prepare participants for tackling messy/complex challenges.